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INTRODUCTION (WEEK 1) Women in the past and even now a day have been looked upon as the minority. Women was the ones who were expected to stay inside and not do any hard labor. Women were also looked upon as unstable without manly support, and unable to provide for family. It is true we were made to stay at home and take care of the children while men was made to go out and provide financially such as working and hard labor. Women have been struggling for numerous years to equal up to what men believe they are only capable of doing. In today’s world, women work just as hard or even harder than men and most can provide for children mentally, physically, and emotionally. Social change creates many social problems in a functional society. Social problems usually affect our society, and our harmony becomes disturbed and in society, there is hostility and suspicion. Culture according to our text (Leon-Guerrero, 2011) is one of the biggest social problems in regards to trying to understand the difference between the individual society. (Leon_Guerrero 2011) stated that sociology is the systematic study between individuals and society which consists of family, economy, education and military.

Leon-Guerrero, A. (2011). Social Problems: Community, Policy, and social action (3rd ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Sage
Hello Sara. I totally agree with your response. Women were looked upon as the weak in the old days and were only required to provide for their families. In the old days, this would not be a problem because there was not a whole lot to do back in the day and the days seemed much longer than today's day. Back then it seemed as if 24 hours were 48 hours. There was enough time to get up early to cook breakfast for the kids, clean the house, cook dinner, do laundry, and run errands if you had any. Now days, we have to keep up with society or it seems we will be left behind. The world and time is moving faster than usual. Believe it or not!! Most women are independent and are single moms, college students,and have full time jobs. This is great but most women