Social Problems Essay

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Social Problem In today’s society every family is face with some type of social problem. Most people believe that social problems have existed since the beginning of civilized mankind. A social problem is some aspect of society that people are concerned about and would like change (Henslin & Fowler 6). One’s view of a social problem can be influence by things such as value, views of life, culture, and religion. My family had been face with one of the oldest social problems in society. Alcoholism is one of the problems my family has endured over the years and past generations with no apparent signs of improvement.

My experience and view on alcoholism has been negative and devastating. Alcoholism is defined as a chronic disorder marked by excessive and usually compulsive drinking of alcohol leading to psychological and physical dependence or addiction (Webster).One can say that families in today’s society are faced with numerous social problems that in some way shape or form are linked together. I believe, from personal experience, that alcoholism can be link to other issues such as economic problems, violence, child neglect, depression, and the inability to function in normal day society. Looking at the personal experiences I have encountered with alcoholism in relation to my family have involved men only. Men are more likely to suffer the consequences of this drug, for most abusers of alcohol are men-about two or three men for every woman (Henslin & Fowler 83). Currently in my family, my father and uncle abuse alcohol. My grandfather on my father’s side was also known to abuse alcohol and died from an alcohol related illness at the age of thirty nine. I’ve never met my grandfather, but I’ve heard stories through his daughters and sons. The stories I’ve heard from my relatives are those that were caused by alcohol, such as financial problems and child neglect. My father believes his drinking problem was inherited, along with his bad parenting skills and inability to function in a normal day society. My father stated he was neglected as a child and his family always struggled with financial problems. He thinks he was never taught how to be a father and therefore struggles with the issue. One can say that an individual growing up with a negative personal experience is enough to prevent the problem from continuing by comparing it to others in that same social environment. I believe that the social context I gather from looking at the way my father and uncle struggle with alcohol is enough to deter me from falling into the same addiction. By witnessing the negative effects of alcoholism that affected my family, such as child neglect, difficulty keeping a job, and the inability to function in a normal society, allow me to view life a certain way and attempt to stay away from such issues. While I might think a