Essay on Source: Earth and Global Problems

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The gesture towards source one is that all of our global problems are competing for our planet. Each is fighting to get at a piece of it; the point that the author is making towards the source is that the world is the center of all the problems that we are trying to deal with. The perspective the artist is portraying in the source is one of negativity. We know this because the earth looks like it is being jeopardized in the center of angry looking men, which represent the problems that the world is facing. The cartoonist extols governments to stem the negative effects of globalization. This is shown through depicting the globe being kicked around by various impacts that the world is facing. The cartoonist wants to show the negative impact of globalization.

The concept in source two that the author is trying to make is that we need nature, but we do not care about it, but once it becomes compromised we start to care. The writer in the source is explaining that nature is not just our parks or our forests, but as well as the things that we eat and the energy that we consume. The things that we use everyday and depend on are not being thought about. The perspective towards the author’s source is negative towards our environmental impact because we are not thinking about it. He is stating that we must realize what we are causing now instead of waiting until it is already being compromised.

The idea presented in source 3 is that the price we are paying for modernizing…