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The Separation of Powers Within the U.S Government

Specific Idea: To inform the class about the Separation of Powers within in the U.S government.

A. Attention getter: Considering we all live here in the United States, whether it’s permanently or temporary it’s important to know how the United States government is separated into different branches.
B. Credibility: After a sufficient amount of time researching and watching musical videos in grade school regarding the United States Government I’ve learned that….
C. Introduction of topic: The idea of separation of powers or “trias politica” was introduced by a man named Charles-louis de secondat, who was a French social and political philosopher in the 18th century.
D. Thesis: Because of Charles-louis there are three branches of the U.S government, which include: the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

I. The Legislative Branch of our government is made up of two houses of congress: the House of Representatives and the Senate.
A. The number of representatives from each state in the House of Representatives is based off of the states population that serves two-year terms.
B. The Senate consists of 100 representatives, two from each state that serve six-year terms.
C. The most important responsibility of the Legislative Branch is to make laws.

II. The Executive Branch consists of the President, Vice President, and Cabinet.
A. The President whom is elected by the country as a whole and serves a four-year term heads the executive branch.
B. The Vice President and 15 members of the cabinet give advice to