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College Athlete, the Challenges In high school a total 412,351 students play soccer for there respected schools but the number of those kids that go on to play at the college level is only 36,741 which is only 8.9% of the total high school students that played. (Scholarship stats) The fact above shows the tremendous amount of students that do not go on to play beyond high school and it is not because they don’t want to it is because it is very challenging. Growing up all I ever wanted to do was eat sleep and play soccer. I lived for the games under the lights, the cheers, helping your teammates through ups and downs that’s what I loved and I could not imagine if it all stopped, so I went on to play in college despite all the challenges that came with it like, getting in contact with coaches, at that level and finally making the commitment. Getting in contact with coaches is one of the harder and more annoying things you have to do. In a perfect world the coaches would show up at your door telling you that they want you to lay for their team but, this world is far from perfect. The process of getting in contact with coaches consists of emailing coaches and I used coaches in plural because you do not just want to email one coach. For me I emailed at least thirty coaches and heard back only from a select few but luckily I heard back from Shippensburg. The next step in the process is actually having the coach come out and watch you play and this step is tricky because I had to see what tournaments I was attending with my team and match them up with tournaments he was attending. It took a few months before the coach was able to watch me play but when he did he liked what he saw and let me know it. The day after the tournament he contacted me back saying he was interested. The next few months went by and it was just emails back and forth and seeing him at a tournament but nothing more, then finally he had asked me if I wanted to come for a campus tour. The campus tour was a big deal it was what was going to help me make my decision and ultimately know if the school was right for me. This was a hard step in becoming a college athlete…