History Of The Gay Rights Movement

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The gay rights movement refers to efforts to protect rights and obtain equality for people who are homosexual (sexually attracted to people of the same sex); bisexual (attracted to members of both sexes); or transgendered. Transgendered individuals are those whose gender identity—that are their sense of being male or female—differs from their physical sex. A major goal of the gay rights movement is to eliminate laws that restrict or ban same-sex sexual relations.
The American psychological association votes to remove homosexuality from its diagnostic manual of mental disorder. All thanks to psychologist Dr.Robert Spitzer, who provided data showing there, was no clear link between homosexuality and mental illness.
25th/24th century BCE
Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum's tomb is built in Egypt during the fifth dynast. It is believed that the two men may have been lovers,
President Bill Clinton enacts” don’t ask, don’t tell,” a policy preventing gay from openly serving in the military. Undercut it, an estimated 13,000 people were expelled from the U.S. army Forces. Fortunately President Barack Obama repealed the policy in 2011.

Congress passes defense of marriage act (DOMA), forbidding federal recognition of married same sex couples. Affecting more than 1.100 provisions of federal laws. It denies gay couples the right to file joint taxes and the protections of the Family Medical and Leave Act.

April 30, 1997
Ellen DeGeneres comes out on her television show, “ELLEN” showing that she was once forced to like men but after some time Ellen truly found out that she likes women and she is gay. After the show falls, she started a popular new show called” The Ellen Show”.