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A Murder in Maple Town by: Han
Far ago from now, there was a town named Maple Town. In the town, there was a young couple husband named Bob and his wife Sue. During the past few years, they worked very hard on transporting coal and building materials. As the result of their effort, they became rich. They opened a transportation company and a department store in the town. At the same time, they also bought a house in the town and a Honda car. They live happily and peacefully.
Recently, the young couple decided to do business in the city, they plan to open a supermarket. One day, Bob went to the city to find the best location for their supermarket. Before Bob leave he said to Sue that he would come back for dinner. However, when the time is nine’ o clock in the night, Bob still did not come back. At this moment, the rain start to fall and wind start to blow. Sue start to call Bob but his cell phone was turned off. Afterwards, Sue start to call Bob’ friend but they did not see him. Sue is starting to worry about her husband because he usually calls her when he did not coming back home. Sue knows that her husband must have a bad accident so she immediately goes to the police station.
When the police heard Bob’s situation they immediately take action to find Bob. They send many cars to look for Bob and use any resources; but they found nothing. The Honda car along with Bob seems disappeared from the earth.
Although the police worked hard in day and night, but they find no valuable clues for more than 20 days. Police department decided to put the case beside for a moment. And the officer said to Sue: “you listen to my words, don’t worry although now we have not found any valuable clues. But we will catch the criminal one day. We just temporarily leave this time; this is a strategy to let the criminal think that we won’t solve the case. Then, they will appear themselves.” Sue is so sad but she believes that one day she will figure out what happened to Bob. Bob missing for a day after three months, a man walks into his house and cried: “Sister, how are you doing over the past two years?” When Sue see the guy she was surprised because that guy is Bob’ cousin. His name is Jack and he left the Maple Town two years ago. Jack said to Sue:“ I just came back, and heard what happened to my cousin. I am so sorry for what is happen to him. I was outside of town for two years and heard a lot of things like this, those damn kidnappers! I wish one day they will get kidnap by someone.” Sue replied: “Let’s not talk about these sad things now, how did you spend your two years outside?”Jack said: “I got very unlucky with my businesses, they were closed and I own other people a lot of money.” Sue very sympathizes Jack, and she wants Jack to stay helping her run the business.
Jack agreed to stay in the town and help out Sue run the transportation company. The business is doing very well. When he has a chance he always inquired about Bob’s news but he still receives no valuable news. Jack’s wife Amy often goes to the department store to help out Sue. The two girls get along with each other like sisters. With Jack and Amy’s help, Sue slowly began to recover from what happen to his husband. One day Sue went to the city to visit her aunt in the hospital. Before Sue go to the hospital she go to the market to buy some fruit. The fruit was heavy so she decides to take a taxi. At this moment, a Honda car came to her and the taxi driver start to talk: “hi, lady the fruit is too heavy to carry. Tell me where you want go and I will drive you there.” So Sue gets into the car