Staring at the paper in my hand

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Staring at the paper in my hand, wondering why red pen marks litter it with a big fat letter d and the words “come see my office” written next to the grade, perhaps the time has come to brush up on the basics and start taking English more seriously. Unfortunately, the two main reasons students have a hard time writing a grammatically correct essay is first, the student does not know the Basic English terms and second, the essay was completed thirty minutes before the due date. Looking over the corrections, I realized my main problem is not adding details to spice up my paper so the reader does not want to shoot himself after reading the essay. Consider a person going to McDonalds and telling the worker that he wants a hamburger. If ordering a hamburger required one second, the world would become a better place. This is not the case however so the worker would ask other questions because answering “hamburger” is too general. Admittedly, I cannot blame the education system or Mayor Bloomberg, an American politician who was the 108th mayor of New York City for not teaching me on how to write a proper essay. Every student did learn basic skills, we just weren’t reprimanded enough to study on our own and advance our knowledge. I have a chance to study on my own and advance our knowledge. I have a chance to study on my own and develop my writing skills whereas a physically or mentally disabled person does not have a choice. Instead of going home and looking up what subject and verb is or what a subordinate clause is, I chose to go outside and play with my friends or watch TV. Despite having many flaws, I can improve my writing significantly by constantly revising my work and not assuming that everything is grammatically correct because the essay looks and sounds correct. I argue that although my writing lacks variety and I need to organize my writing more effectively so the reader is not wondering why dogs and pineapples are related to one another in any way, I have confidence in my writing. One major flaw that I have to pick at my writing is I never start off with a mind-blowing introduction that is able to interest the reader. Why should the reader bother to continue reading when the writer has no courtesy to interest the reader? No