Essay on Steps to Getting to school on time

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Getting to School on Time.
Getting to school on time can come with many obstacles and can be harder than it looks, if you are not prepared. Waking up late, running into traffic or depending on someone or some other form of transportation than your own can all come with its own set of problems that could stop or slow you down from getting to school on time.
Some steps that can be put in place to help you get to school on time are.
The night before school, go to bed at a decent hour to ensure you are well rested for your day of school. Being well rested will also keep you from pushing the snooze button.
If you are dependent on someone else to take you to school, make sure the night before you have verbal conformation that they will be there and what time to expect them./ If you are driving yourself, make sure the day before you have the gas you need, this keeps you from running out of gas and making a last minute stop in case out are running late./when using public transportation you want to make sure you have the proper change ahead of time and make sure you know what time to be outside, “be a little early” and where the stop is so you won’t miss it.
Give yourself plenty of time to make it to class don’t try to wake up a 6:30 and you have class at 7:00. You can’t account for what may or may not happen, you could run in to traffic or accidents you never know what could happen but if you leave early you can make up for the time lost and still make it to class on time.