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Student Course Reflection
The job market has changed drastically over the last decade. Keeping in line with technological innovations, large companies have reduced their investment in internal training and now prefer to depend on colleges and universities to train for entry-level jobs. Employers are looking for perspective employees that have the skills needed to be successful in their career. A majority of these skills can be learned through the college experience. College is often defined as a transitional period in one’s life. I have found in my college experience that I am still learning so much about myself and my many aspirations in life. The college years are the preparation years for our future endeavors and careers.
I have learned about and studied in a “Collaborative Learning Environment.” This can be defined as an environment where two or more people learn, attempt to learn, or work on solving a problem together. In addition, I have also learned that just because you are working in teams doesn’t make you a team player. Using each other’s skills, ideas and resources for the greater good can be beneficial. This is because we are exposing ourselves to the diverse viewpoints from people with different backgrounds. It is a challenge socially and emotionally not only to listen to different perspectives, but to also be open-minded enough to take that perspective into consideration and learn from it.
This falls in line closely with “Critical Thinking.” This is the process of evaluating something from all points of view before a decision or conclusion is made. “Critical Thinking” along with Critical Learning and Communication can be utilized in my professional opportunities. It can also have a profound impact in my future career as I learn to work as a member of a team and be open-minded to the opinions and suggestions of others.
This brings me to Stress. It is our body’s response to changes in our lives. Stress is unfortunately an integral part of life. Although not all stress is bad. A little stress can nudge us to become more alert and aware. It can prod us to concentrate, focus and work on our assignments to complete them by the due date required. When stress starts to become detrimental or too much to handle, that is where stress-management comes into place. One way to help with stress is to work on our time management skills. Make a list of duties and responsibilities and prioritize them. Set realistic goals to accomplish those duties and responsibilities. Another way to help manage stress is to create a quiet space for study and relaxation time. This has been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety.
College is practice for perusing my career goals. In college I am