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My 9 Weeks Experience
University Studies Class

My 9 Weeks Experience in the University Studies Class My journey to the new and exciting world of online classes started May 13 2013. I was so ready for this journey, yet so scared at the same time. I had no idea what this class would bring for me. The thought of stepping into a class and getting lost or not understanding what was ahead for me was very intimidating. I knew that I simply must buckle down and stay on top of my work and reading assignments in order to make it. Even with a few struggles I was able to make it through this class. Learning new things that I have never learned before as well as fixing problems that I had encounter from years before is extremely exciting to me. My major goal is to get my degree with University of Phoenix and go on to a better career for my family.
When I think about my academic and professional goals, well let me just be honest it makes me nervous. I want to do my best so I can get my degree. Academics always have been a struggle for. I have never really had anyone to stand beside me and help me when I am having a hard time. That is until I enrolled at University of Phoenix. Everyone at University of has been superior the last 9 weeks. The phone calls from my financial counselor and academic counselor every couple of weeks to make sure everything thing was going well and that I am understanding what is going on in my classes put me at ease. Even to make sure that I am posting the necessary work. After these first 9 weeks I am more confident that I will have a better future. Obtaining this degree will help me within the next year to get a better job (other than cleaning for a living), so I can provide a better future financially for my children. Making sure that they are taking care of is my number one goal. With my degree in Health Care Administration with Medical Records I will be able to obtain a job in a doctor’s office, which in return will put me in Health Care field where I always wanted to be.
There were so many tools and assessments throughout this course that has been very helpful to me. My favorite one would have to be the My Foundations Lab. Going into the lab and working on skills such as punctuation and sentence structure has been a tremendous help. Grammar always has been my weakest forte’, so all the help I can get has been greatly appreciated. I hope to have more Foundation Labs in the near future. Another one that I truly enjoyed would have to be the Phoenix Career Services. Being able to go in and set up goals and tasks for me to work on was outstanding. This helps me stay focused on what my true goal is. Which is to obtain my degree and a better job. I truly loved the Aptitude, Career Interest Profiler, and Competencies Results.
If I had to reflect on anything from this class in would have to be Time and stress management, effective study habits and personal learning styles, and university resources. Time and stress management was a huge one for me to learn more about. I am usually the type to wait until the last possible minute to sit down and do my work. Which in return end results were not very good. I have found that if I put myself on a schedule and say at 4:00 on Tuesday I am going to sit down and work on assignment 1, I usually stay with that schedule. Being able to figure out that my faults are not because I am lazy but because I have so much going on that I usually put myself and my needs to the back for last. I know