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Student Course Reflection

I believe the value of getting a degree in higher education is priceless, no matter the monetary cost of the education. Eventually having a degree in higher education will pay you back. Earning more pay from having a degree is only one of the benefits of having a degree. Having a career you enjoy and one that provides you and your family everything you need in life is some of the other benefits of having a degree. This makes all the hard work and time you have put in getting your degree, worth every little bit that it cost. The more education you have the better job and earnings will soon follow. Having a sense of knowing what you have earned with all of the time and hard work you have put in, should make us have a great feeling of accomplishment. I know that I am almost finished with my first 2 classes, and I have worked very hard. I am getting good grades for my hard work and I have a sense of accomplishment already. It makes me feel good about myself and I know I can be successful the whole time I am here at the “University of Phoenix”. I know I made the right choice in going back to college to further my education. I know once I earn my degree, I will be in a better position to be in the career of my choice and be successful.
My personal plan for my academics is to complete my associate’s degree and maybe go for a bachelor’s degree. Right now I am going for Healthcare Administration/Medical Records. I may change this because I have a new job in retail at AutoZone and if all goes well there and I like working there, then I plan on changing my degree to Business. I may want to further my career at AutoZone and get into management, or into management somewhere else in retail. I only have started college and almost done with my first 2 classes, so I will at some point talk to my academic advisor and see what suggestions they have for me about changing my major and seeing if it would be better to go for an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in Business. With me just starting a new job in retail, having a degree in higher education will only help me advance my career and open other opportunities for me as well. This will only help get further in my career and help me earn more money so I can provide for my family as well as for myself.
When I look back on this class, the few things that I have liked and have learned about was the collaborative learning environment. I really like this way of learning. I like reading everyone’s opinions and views on the different subjects we went over. It had taught me to value all of my classmate’s opinions and views, and taught me to value mine as well. I also had so much respect for everyone who shared their opinion and the people who gave me their opinion on what I wrote. I believe this way of learning is better than learning in a traditional classroom. With collaborative learning you have to participate or you will get a bad grade. In a traditional classroom not everyone will participate, so you are not going to get all of your classmate’s opinions, and you are not going to learn as much. Another thing I have learned about is goal setting. I have never been very good at goal setting, but since I am going back to college I have had to set goals and learn different ways to set them and to help my see my way of accomplishing my goals. Goal setting makes me feel like I have a purpose, and something to look forward to, instead of living the same routine, knowing nothing is will change. I still have