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P5 Reflections for placement

Reflective Diary- 16/01/15
What jobs have I done today?
I had to look after two boys with two different disabilities and help them with their work. I also had to hand out books to the class, so I learnt their names. I went outside and supervised play time.
Have I experienced any problems?
When I was told to read to someone, they didn’t tell me how much to read and that I was supposed to explain to them what the words were if they didn’t know what they meant.
What did I do or going to do to solve them?
I will check with the teacher what she wants me to read to them and if they don’t get a word I will try and explain it to them at the best of my ability.
Who have I worked with today?
I have worked with a boy called Luca who has mild autism and I helped him with his English work as he struggles to concentrate properly on one thing at a time. We had to describe a picture and then use a thesaurus to find better describing words about the picture.
Then I worked with a class in maths and helped them learn the 4 times tables. After lunch I worked with a boy called Malaki who has ASD to create a storyboard about Gods and Giants. I worked with Luca and Malaki’s supervisor to work out the best way to help them learn like the rest of the class.
What did I learn about working with others today?
I learnt that even though people have disabilities that they can still learn as well as people that don’t have disabilities and that people that are 8 can learn the 4 times tables in one lesson. I also learnt that people have different way of learning things in a way that suits them the best,
Do I think I made a difference? (Good/bad)
I think that I made a good difference to the two boys that I help because it’s nice for them to have someone different help them with their learning and they enjoy having me there and couldn’t wait till the next Friday that I would be with them.
What did I do and who did I affect?
I helped people with disabilities learn something brand new and I think that I affected them in a positive way and that they learnt that they could trust me.
How have I demonstrated interpersonal skills?
I demonstrated my interpersonal skills by discussing things with the boy’s supervisor and with their teacher with what she needed doing in the classroom.

Reflective Diary- 23/1/15

What jobs have I done today?
I got to the school at 8:20 and whilst I waited for the children to come in I put dictionaries and thesaurus' out on the tables so they were ready for the lesson. They then came in and I took the register and then took them up to assembly.
Then I worked with the whole class to work on their story plans that they had created the week before. They needed to find some different and better words to describe their work.
We did this for an hour till they had break when I went outside and supervised the children whilst they played.
After break they split into two different classes for mental maths. After they had done the test they learnt about time and I helped them label the clock with as many facts as they could.
Then it was lunch time and they had half an hour play in which I supervised and then they had half an hour to eat their lunch, I supervised them whilst they ate. Their teacher then did the register.
After lunch they had P.E where they had experiments to carry out and I took part in them so they had a wide range of results, then we went back to the classroom and they did some music/French where they learnt the song Frere Jacques and I helped a group of them learn it.
Then they had golden time in which they could do whatever they wanted, most of them wanted to go outside, so I supervised them out there. Have I experienced any problems?
Today I didn't experience any problems.
What did I do or going to do to solve them?
I didn't have any problems, so I didn't need to solve anything.
Who have I worked with today?
I worked with all of the children today and I also worked with the teacher