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How to Succeed in College
After a long period of schooling a student feels free in a college as he/she is believed to gain independence and it is at this time one grows up into an adult, when he/she will have a lot of options, choices and streams for life ahead. Not all succeed during or after college but it is also not impossible to succeed in life after higher studies in college. There is no mid path between success and failure as students either succeed or fail in life. When we analyze the experiences of the successful students in college, we get to know that they have adopted certain ways in life with utmost discipline and dedication, as without sincerity and dedication no one can succeed. There are three ways generalized for the attainment of success in college they are: Studying, socializing, and health, safety and finances.
This is the first method of getting successful in life and this method consists of certain steps for a student to adopt for success such as avoiding procrastination by which the student unlike the school needs work harder as he/she is independent has to build up the education from bottom up and not give up what is being taught in the class room which requires giving oneself incentives to study in advance and not should not take for granted until the term paper is finished followed by an enjoyment with friends. In other words, the student should not take undue advantage of his/her freedom and concentrate on completing what he/she is expected to do and then can go ahead for enjoyment. He needs to plan to fit into all the social, academic, and logistical responsibilities in college and still have time for himself.
A successful college student is someone who works hard and they study as much as they can in school. They complete all of the homework and they arrive at school on time.

A student has to get passionate about a definite purpose in his life as college is another step on the ladder to professional success. One has to decide about his career as to what he is going to do after the college for which he needs to prepare well for his next step. One has to be very passionate about anything in life if he/she wants to succeed in that line. The next step is to take a broad range of classes in the beginning even if the goal is set in one’s educational sphere as it good to expose oneself to various subjects, fields and themes and not change every now and then. A shift in the goal or subject or theme would hamper the speed with which one is bound to reach the destination.
It is better to listen to other students and get more knowledge about the subject but should be wise enough to form his/her own opinion such the opinions of other students regarding the teachers, subjects, books, etc., which may not be totally true. So after some time of an exposure to the facts, one should be able to form his own opinion. The students at college level should come closer to the teachers and get engaged with them for it can help them gain more knowledge; get a bigger network with more knowledgeable persons. It is very essential for a student to form good study habits which would positively answer some key questions about one regarding the studies and the time spent in learning. A student without an academic goal has every chance to leave college wondering whether he/she tried enough as getting through college is about doing one’s best that he/she is capable of given the resources.
Socializing is equally important in a student’s life and one has to establish as many friendships as possible in order to learn from them. One has to get involved in curricular and extracurricular activities at college such as join the clubs, traditions and events because college events are different from the compulsory events at school. College is a C'est la vies: it's a cross-section of life. The college students should make it a point to participate in parties but should maintain one’s own dignity and grace and