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My Summer With The Warriors
Moniette Wells
ENG121: English Composition I (AXC1314C)
Shayla Gordon
May 6, 2013

My Summer With the Warriors The screeching sound of the alarm has me reaching over to hit the snooze button for just 10 more minutes, but I know to get there in time I must get started. It’s the last week of May and most families are preparing for the usual Labor Day festivities. A day filled with BBQ’s, fireworks, friends and family. My Labor Day will include friends and family, but no BBQ or fireworks this day. “Time to get up”, I say while peeking through the bedroom doors turning on the lights. I mentally going through my checklist to ensure that nothing is left. Uniform washed…check, cooler filled with cold drinks and snacks…check, baseballs in the trunk…check, bug spray…check, sunblock, cold rags, tent, etc…check, check, check. The list can go on and on, but I’m not new to this so I know that it is all ready to go. Even though it's hot and commonly known at the best time to take family vacations, the best way for me to spend my summer is supporting my son and taking the opportunity to bond with my family. He steps out of the room yelling, “Mom, I’m ready, are you ready?” He’s dressed in blinding white Muzzino pants with a red and blue braid piped down each leg, red jersey with Warriors written in Roman script nicely tucked in secured by a red belt. His blue hat with the three red stars is atop his head. Yup he’s ready! “I’m ready and so is Coach.” I say over my shoulder as I’m finishing up loading the car. I have my Demetrius Mom number 3 tee-shirt on, baseball cap fitted snuggly on my head, sunglasses in my purse, car packed….it’s time to hit the road. We pile into the car, but no faster than I close the door do we do a double check on the checklist. We’re all set and on our way to the tournament. The forty-five minute drive gave Coach and player plenty of time to discuss strategy. As they chatter it up, I’m looking out the window imagining how the beaming sun is going to feel at the open field. Though it’s not quite summer yet, GA sun and heat doesn’t always make for a pleasant experience. My calming thought is I packed a tent for this very reason! “In 2 miles your exit will be on the left”, the charming, monotone voice of the navigation systems says. As we proceed off of our exit I look out to the lush, rolling, green hills realizing that the area is very remote. The landscaping is similar to that of a Norman Rockwell painting. I ease the window down to take in the fresh crisp aroma in the air, with the smell