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Victoria Antunes
Mrs. Jankowski
Argumentative Essay
Jan. 27th, 2015
Super Bowl or Super Chill? There has been a continuous ongoing argument whether or not the Super Bowl within a climate controlled stadium. Meaning that the Stadium would be covered and either would have fans when extremely hot or heaters under the field for when extraordinarily cold temperatures. It is important to take into consideration about what is best for the players. With past experience, I know what it feels like to play in uttermost freezing temperatures. It is severely dangerous for muscles being that your body temperatures are high because of the work your body is exerting whilst the cold temperatures against it. If these games were played in snow, it would definitely conclude to many technical difficulties. Lastly, if these games were kept in a domed stadium rather than an outdoor field, many more fans would attend, knowing that they would be warm. In conclusion, more fans mean more money and more jobs available. First and foremost, when playing in cold temperatures, I for one know that is can seriously damage your muscles. It is also more likely more injuries to occur. Not only that but many of the players could obtain frostbite. Frostbite is an extremely dangerous concept and cannot be taken lightly. If not cared for and has not had medical examination you can lose a limb. For players you are very likely ale to lose toes. On the contrary, if you had a heated field, none of these situations would occur. Furthermore, playing is extremely cold circumstances usually include an abundant supply of snowfall. When snow falls, it creates layers upon layers, which eventually can and will disturb the game. For instance, the snow could cover up the yard lines making it hard for the referees so depict the lines. The snow could also get in the way of the players eyesight, making it crucial for the players to see. Not only that but, the snow can interrupt the connection between referees.
After the plethora of reasons as to why football games should be played within a climate controlled arena, some people may argue that playing in the cold is not as severe as it seems. As stated in the article, “Snow, ice, fog, torrential rain – do not stop football