Why Is It Important To Minimise Waste In The Workplace

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Supporting Sustainability This poster will focus on issues surrounding waste in the workplace, recycling and saving energy.
Types of waste in the workplace
• Toner, ink and paper that have been accidently printed on.
• Ink, toner and paper that gets wasted due to incorrect printing and unnecessary printing (notes that you could have emailed).
Why is it important to minimise waste in the workplace?
• Less money is wasted on materials like paper, ink and toner.
• Your company’s impact on the environment is greatly reduced, fewer trees have to be cut down for paper, and fewer machines have to be used to dispose of ink and toner.

How can you minimise waste in the workplace?

• Check before you print something, you could email documents and notes instead. You could also go and speak to your colleagues, or ring customers with information.
• Before you print something check that everything on the document is correct so that it can be printed first time, this might include printing a test sheet or proof reading work.
• Ensure your equipment is clean, un-clean scanner glass will produce a bad quality printout, printers that are nearly running out of ink will also produce bad quality documents. This means that he document will have to be printed again, try and avoid this.

How can recycling be implemented in the workplace?

• Paper that has been accidently printed on can be used for scrap paper or for notes.
• Any paper that cannot be reused can be collected…