Swot Analysis Essay On 9/11

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Conclusive Evidence Two:

“Phone calls made at such altitude was just impossible.”

Evidence two is another proof that general public has personal experience with. Such daily related evidence in a way solidated its credibility in favor of conspiracists. The phone calls made on board were crucial to the entire investigation. It was those phone calls from the passengers and attendants that had helped identify the terrorists and the actions. On September 11th, 2001, 19 Saudi Arabia hijackers were divided into four groups and boarded separate planes. One hijacker in each group was trained in US pilot school in advance. These hijackers were equipped with nothing more than boxcutters according to the phone calls. Three out of four groups achieved their mission by noon on 9/11.

From the broad
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Being arguably the most influential incident in the past decades, 9/11 has profoundly changed the ways people live and countries operate. I have read so many essays or memoirs started with“it was a sunny and clear Tuesday morning, I was having breakfast at my girlfriend’s apartment..” I believe most people recollect their memory of that morning so clearly for a reason. Not only because it was so catastrophic, but also because constantly being reminded by the decades of wars and foreign policies pivot around it. Asymmetrically, such unwanted changes were carried out by nineteen amateur hijackers with boxcutters, who flew 2 planes into the world trade center and destroyed three buildings and thousands of lives. Inequivalence is one of the gold mines for conspiracy theorists. Inconsistent phenomenon are often considered skeptical because they seem to occur in smaller possibility; whose definition then gets stretched to unnatural and manipulated. However just like D.Aaronovitch wrote in Voodoo History“It is a contention of this book that conspiracy fail to apply the principle of Occam’s razor to their