Talk To Strangers

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Should We Talk To Strangers? In This article, Stephanie Pappas says that having a conversation with strangers has become one of the most common things that is affecting people’s lives in American. A new study shows that riders of public transit prefer talking to strangers to being alone on the train. However, many people like to do something different while they are on their way somewhere. Many women are victim of strangers because many men talk to them with the idea to have sex; in contrast, researchers say that people are happier when they talk to strangers than being alone. I think that people can talk to strangers, but with a limit in everything. Everybody enjoys when they start to know a new person because they discover something new that make them learn. However, people should be cautions, for they trust immediately people who might hurt them not physically, but internally. Because of this many people abuse of a naïve person to get what they want. Unfortunately, naïve people do not know what kind of strangers they are talking with. Women are the most affected when they talk to men who seem to look good physically, but with an empty heart. Those men do not care about how wonderful girls are; they just want to attract them to get what they want which is sex. I see this around me every day and I ask myself when it is going to stop why don’t women learn that there are many false men who just want to hurt them? They do not have good feeling and they do not know how to treat a girl. Statistics show that there are many vulnerable women in New York. They are lonely, so they become easy preys. Every day people learn something new from the person they get acquainted. People love when they see something different on this new person, but many of them know how to act and how to lie. Because of this the world is getting packed with false people. For Example, most men at first inspire girls telling them that they have not known any people as them and they wish to live the rest of life with them; however, girls trust