Taylors And Find Your Peace Of Music In Pop Music

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To me, Taylor is expressing her thoughts on a specific past relationship. The argument behind this very aggressive song is to make a former boyfriend “crazy” when he would eventually hear the song on the radio. He belittle Taylor and made her feel like she wasn’t talented enough for the pop culture these days. “Hide away and find your peace of mind with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine” Lyrics expressing Taylors pain… I feel like he cared more about his image and what other people thought of him than their relationship. Taylor uses her musical ability to get through the tragic break up and uses it to help others. While writing this song, Taylor gets through her difficult time through expressing herself and inspiring other young females and even males. Showing them that break ups can be hard but theres always a positive side to this if you allow yourself to let that happen. Even though this song is about something tough going on in Taylors life she finds a way to turn it into a somewhat histarical uplifting with a happy tune. Taylor is reaching out to young girls and boys to potentially prevent a heart break and to remind us that we don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to find their security. Taylor has enough respect from todays young generation that a song like this could really impact a young persons life. This song also shows off how Taylor has the respect to not throw her former boyfriend under the bus and revealing his idenitiy. Some may find this