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I have been asked to create this memo. We have been put into a team with the assignment to meet the goals and expectation of the company. I have notice that we share lot similarities, but maintain a status of being diverse individual. I plan to lead my team successfully to meet the company’s goals. By giving my team members an evaluation and myself on our different personality. I will give my leadership approach base on individuals and situation. I will give an evaluation in terms of urgency, and so forth. I will be talking about any principles that apply from leadership theories. As the manager I play a very important role when it comes to motivating my team to produce result. Using leadership method that fit my personality as well as my team member’s personality. I must understand each individual on my team including their personality and what motives them. When I know that those traits are then I will use it to help reach the goals of the company. I have learned that you will bump head from time to time on a time. This can complicate the team’s ability to complete the goal. As the manager I must leverage the individual personalities for the company advantage by performing a personality test on all of my members. As a leader of this team I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure my team members understand the task we must complete. With the leadership style of democratic, I know it is best to include my team in department processes. The team members are the one who will be performing the task on a day to day base so I value their input. By using my team members input it will help me with making the appropriate decision that best for the company.
Understanding my own leadership style and personality traits will give