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Progress Summary
Cynthia Finch, Patrina Jackson, and Deluvia Payne
Nancy Geedey Progress Summary
In Team B we have: Cynthia Finch, Patrina Jackson, and Deluvia Payne. Each team member will choose an assign portion to be completed. A team member has recently dropped this class, so the three of us will research and study the Employee Handbook Nondiscrimination Section. By doing so, we will obtain knowledgeable information in order to answer the seven questions for week three assignment.
Each member will post their completed part of the assignment on Saturday March 21, 2015 for Cynthia to review so she will let us know if corrections are needed. By doing so, each member will have an extra day to make the necessary corrections before the final posting date.
Which team members are responsible for which deliverable?
Cynthia will take the lead for week three assignment, and she will answer questions 1 and 7. Patrina will answer questions 4, 5 and 6, and Deluvia will answer questions 2 and 3. The paper will be formatted with APA guidelines so we will have to communicate via post. This communication will help each other out to best of our knowledge.
What has worked well?
What will work well is by keeping the communication open between the three of us. If a member of the team run into trouble with the assignment we recommend that they should post a message in the team member forum, so if a member as a new detail or an idea to someone’s assignment we can…