Technology: Internet and Certain Internet Sources Essay

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The Harms of Internet Sources There is no doubt the internet is one of the many convenient inventions that have been invented. The entire world is increasingly becoming obsessed with it. Everywhere you look, you will see the internet or something related to it. It can be used to download music, build a website for your business, send emails, watch videos, socialize with friends on social networks or even do research for an English paper you have that is due. Ever since the Internet has been invented, businesses have been flourishing, scientific tests have been proven and society has improved little by little each day. Yes, the internet is a marvelous thing and there are so many advantages to the internet and its sources. Although, the internet does have its disadvantages as well, including privacy exploitation, transferring files illegally, identity theft, and an increased number of people that struggle with the dangerous addiction called ‘internet addiction’ and what it can lead to. With the internet’s popularity rapidly increasing, privacy is starting to become extinct. Privacy exploitation is one of the biggest problems with internet sources in society today. Any individual’s privacy can be greatly harmed just by one click on the computer. It is very easy to believe that, especially with the paparazzi and them tracking down a celebrity’s every move and posting it on the internet. We are surely entertained by what they’re posting but if we put ourselves in that celebrity’s shoes, we would feel like our privacy is being exploited. Celebrity’s aren’t the only ones in danger though. Sites store information everyday and some even ask us to fill in information which are sold to other sites for commercial use without our permission. Think about that Facebook page that you have had for almost two years now. You post pictures of yourself on it every now and then, completely unaware that once you post information or a picture of yourself on the net, it is basically impossible to take it off. Yes, it might have been deleted off of your Facebook page, but you have no clue if that picture has been illegally transferred to a whole different site or not. People have accepted that anyone can look at their personal information on social networks such as Facebook, and companies and the government are constantly viewing peoples’ activity online for a large amount of reasons. The government has attempted to prevent privacy exploitation from spreading by passing the Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1997 even though it is difficult to enforce. Some companies including Yahoo and Google have been investigated about violating privacy laws, and the government is now encouraging “do-not-track technology” to be invoked on these websites, making sure the companies cannot track peoples’ information. Suicides have happened because of this problem with internet sources. For instance, that young girl that you might have known that was being bullied because a naked picture or video of her ended up all over the internet led to peers bullying her and killing herself. Internet source privacy exploitation is a huge issue that needs more attention than it is getting in society today. Anthony Flott said in his magazine article “Cyber Bullying” “Mikayla’s mom told Mikayla’s teacher and school administrators what was happening. They took the bullies aside and talked to them, but then Mikayla was labeled a snitch, and other peers joined the two girls who started the teasing. Kids began posting nasty comments about Mikayla on Facebook and Formspring, a site that allows users to ask and answer questions anonymously.” (5) Now, there are ways you can prevent cyber bullying. Anthony Flott states how in the same article, “Ellie eventually printed the online comments, which in some cases included names and pictures of Mikayla’s peers, and gave them to school district officials. Finally, enough action was taken that the bullying stopped. Mikayla still