Technology: Mobile Phone Essay

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Adriana Moreno
English 100
Polemic 5/1/13
Obsession over Technology As time progresses advancements in technology are becoming more and more sophisticated. People have access to technology and use its intelligent design in everyday life. Technology is not a bad thing; in fact technology keeps new ideas coming and makes life easier, but has society become too reliant on these technological advancements? When people have become attached at the hip with their small technological computers and glued to the moving pictures on a 32 inch rectangle, it is then safe to call it an obsession. What would happen if all technology one day just shut off? Most could not go an hour without their precious technology, let alone a lifetime. The possibility of this happening is closer to never than any other answer, but it would be a relief to at least know that people as a whole could survive without it. If people weren’t so buried into their phones, fanatical about television, stuck on the web, and revolving around social media then an average person would retain more knowledge, have active and healthier lives, and overall be safer in the world they live in. Humans have become obsessed with technology. Walking to class you look around and the majority of people are on their cool new smart phone either texting, talking, on the internet, playing games or anything else you could image. People have become so obsessed with cell phones that most can’t go a day without them. According to, 83% of Americans own a cell phone with a whopping 35% of them being smart phones. When the cell phone first came out, it was an extraordinary piece of equipment. It first looked like a big square box with a long antenna sticking out of the top. It didn’t matter how cool it looked, it was the fact that you can instantly connect with another person outside of the house that made this device so incredible. Most cell phone owners kept them in cars in case of emergencies, having to be connected to some source of power. Back in the day when cell phones were new, only wealthy people owned cell phones. If you had a cell phone, you were a part of the first class in society. As people slowly became more comfortable with cell phones, everyone could own one. Things have obviously changed since the invention of the first cell phone. Not only do wealthy populations own them, but everyone ranging from rich to poor, boys to girls, little kids to old people, ect.. The most active cell phone users are younger adults, those aged 18-29 years of age ( In a recent interview with a freshman student from the University of Hawaii Zoe Ottemiller, she confessed to using her cell phone approximately six hours of the day, the majority of the time used for connecting with friends. She said “I am on my phone from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I use it walking to class, in class, in my room, while I drive, pretty much everywhere. It’s kind of sad how much I am on my phone, but I know I’m not the only one.” After discussing the cell phone problem with other students that attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa, they all had agreed on one thing: They spend way too much time on their cellular devices. From pocketed touch screens to nice big flat screen televisions, the average person will spend a shocking nine years of their lives watching TV according to This number is horrifying for some and just plain wrong for everyone else. Television screens have become a necessity in the average person’s home with 99% of households having at least one TV. This generation has become glued to the screens with reality television shows taking its toll on society. TVs started off as a pass time for families to get together and watch during their spare time. The evolution of television sets seems to have sky rocketed from cube shaped boxes with two large adjustable antennas to thin but large screens that look like the picture is right