Teen Violence Research Paper

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Derrius Fisher June 25,2017 Teen Violence
The actions committed by teens that result in injury or death to other teens in called teen violence. This report will be examining the dangers of teen violence and ways to prevent it. Violence has always been an epidemic within the teen community, but in the past 20 years, teen violence has been on the rise.
What Causes Teen Violence?
There are many causes that can lead to teen violence, and everyone has a different cause that pushes them towards teen violence. When a teen experiences violence from a family member this will increase the risk of them being involved in violence later in their teen life. The types of people teens usually grow up with, are the people the teen will look
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The high rating is due to teen violence. The next closest would be 12-15 years old, which would also be due to teen violence. Teens rates compared to the general population show that teens are linked to more violence than the general population by over 25%. The leading causes of deaths for teens are suicide, homicide, and other causes. UNintentional injury is close but not the leading due to the rise in teen violence. Suicide could be considered as teen violence because for a teen to think about not living they most likely experienced bullying at a certain time during their life that extremely hurt their feelings beyond repair causing them to attempt suicide. Other causes that could be involved would be messing around with other teens that can get you stuck in a bad situation or other risky activities.

Conclusion In conclusion teen violence is a serious epidemic that has many causes and effects on their communities and the people who love them most. Although teen violence is raging on, there are also ways to help prevent teens from starting their journey down the dark road of