Essay on Teens and the Law

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TeIntro Paragraph Hook/ Attention Grabber | The biggest question is, “should teens accused of violent crimes be tried as adults?” | Background Info (2-3 sentences) | There are many instances in which age is a problem. Many people say that trying a teenager as an adult is unconstitutional and unfair. This is partially agreeable but in some cases the defendant seems very conscious of their deeds. | Thesis Statement | Teenagers should not be tried as adults because one of the matters is that the teenage brain is not fully developed, so who’s to blame them? |

Body Paragraphs Topic/Transition Sentence | There is a lot of evidence to support that the teenage brain is not fully developed. | Proof(R.D.F) | “massive loss of brain tissue…occurs in the teenage years”“These frontal lobes… which inhibit our violent passions, rash actions, and regulate our emotions, are vastly immature throughout the teenage years”, says Paul Thompson | Analyze Proof | Most of the tissue is lost from the frontal lobes. | Connect Back to Thesis | This means that the part of our brains that controls our emotions and keeps us from committing violent acts loses lots of its mass, making teens more vulnerable to committing bad decisions. |

Topic/Transition Sentence | There are other people who say that the horrible acts committed by juvenile delinquents could also be due to their environment. | Proof(R.D.F) | The thing that spared his life was that “the jury…heard many days of testimony about his difficult childhood in Jamaica and about the influence that his surrogate father and accomplice…wielded over him”. | Analyze Proof | Some of the juveniles on death row come from broken families and/or have suffered some type of abuse. | Connect Back to Thesis | This proves that the environment