Teens Getting Birth Control Without Parental Consent Essay

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Student House
ENG 101
Mrs. Johnson
20 November 2012

Teens Getting Birth Control Without Parental Consent Currently Teenagers are trying to grow up too quickly. They want to be just like the TV characters they idolize and will change themselves to do so. There are shows on TV like “16 and pregnant” that basically insinuate; if you have sex and get pregnant then you will get paid to be on television. Most teens do not go to their parents for birth control because they are afraid. In general teenagers do not want their parents knowing they are having sex. Having access to birth control, with or without the parents permission, can be a touchy subject. With this point, getting birth control without parental consent is a debatable
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Yaz, is a birth control that is used by millions of women and is still on the market today. Yaz was linked to having terrible side effects. Some side effects included, blindness, strokes, and in some cases cancer (Michael D. Benson). This is just one of dozens of birth control brands that are out there. Having a parent there to know the facts about these things might be good so you don’t use the wrong kind and end up paying for it. Getting birth control without your parents’ consent in my opinion should not be allowed. I can understand why people may not want to tell a parent but they do want to be involved. If your child is being responsible enough to go and get birth control then they might be responsible enough to use it. Often if not given the opportunity to make responsible choices, teens can take matters into their own hands and either do what they want, or make bad choices. The question is, what is the “right” answer? Parents and society struggle with this question every day. Although abstinence is the correct answer and easiest response, that doesn’t mean that this is the most realistic. Teens struggle with many pressures dealing with issues that make them grow up too soon. Many of these choices can affect their lives forever. Is education enough? Should parents make sure that they are a part of these life altering decisions or would they prefer that the decision be made for them by the states of federal government? You are