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Executive Summary

Mr. Johnson,

Through the course of undertaking this project, I have viewed the company requirements and come to an path of action for your company's new local area network.

First, let us go through your initial requirements.

I understand that you would like to have a hard lined network. This type of network is the most reliable and I will have no problem building your network with this attribute as your top requirement.

You stated that you wished to keep AT&T as your Internet service provider. I have looked into this, and your office is within their service area, so I feel that this shouldn't be an issue.

You stated that, including yourself, there will be four other users on this network. This information will be taken into consideration when purchasing your equipment, licenses, and calculating data rates. You have also established that you wish to go with a networked laser jet printer. I have chosen a Konica Minolta for its exceptional quality.

I understand that your company maintains no local server. This limits your sharing and storage capabilities, but I can set you up with a cloud based server to free up space and expand possibilities.

I am also aware that you wish for your operating systems to be Windows based. This will work well will your Microsoft Office package. I will be upgrading you to Microsoft Office Premium to meet the needs of your Microsoft Virtual Server.

Your employees access their schedules over the internet, but I am unaware of your current system. I will give my recommendation for a new web scheduling software, should you be open for a change.

I will also go over my choices for networking equipment. This will include the Modem/Router choice, VOIP phone system, and POE switch

I have take the liberty of adding a few suggestions to your system to make your new business network more productive.

First, I feel that for further growth, a website should be enabled on your domain of, which will be hosted for you through AT&T.

I also feel that advertising your exceptional work through the website and brochures will also assist your company in attracting more business. To create these brochures a combination of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Publisher will be available on all computers.

I have also taken the liberty to research how to switch your phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, to make it easier to get in contact with you. It also cuts monthly costs, and makes

Network Analysis

You have given me specifications for how you would like your network to function, and now I will describe how I intent to carry these out.

First, you have told me that you wish to remain hard wired at all times. After viewing the location and the logistics of your users, I have figured that you will need about 300 feet of CAT-6 500 Mhz cabling. This allows your company high speed data rates, and you have the ability to upgrade your network components without overloading your circuit.

This cable can handle what ATT&T can currently offer in the area of your new location. Currently the maximum that is available to you is a 24mbps line (AT&T). This signal will be brought through your modem, routed to your switch, and then divided up based upon user data needs. Although this cable may be overdoing it at the moment, you will be thankful in the future when AT&T decides to bring Gigabit speeds to your location.

AT&T also offers domain email if you're interested in having them host your email for you (AT&T).

Since you will be sharing your network with four other employees, I am making hardware and software arrangements to meet your needs. First, I decided to run Windows 8 on your computer. I felt that running Windows 8 would be the correct choice , since most of the features involve using touch screens that come with the computers I have chosen. I will purchase 5 computers that run the 64 bit