The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream Many people pursue this phenomenon for themselves, families and their children’s legacy. What is the American Dream and how does everyone interpret or perceive it? Many years ago the American Dream represented getting ahead and to become everything that parents were not able to do. Because of the Great Depression, poor economy, wars, few schools and unemployment; parents worked constantly to provide for their families. They didn’t have the time, money or benefits to obtain their dreams like today’s society. Currently, people believe the Dream has changed shape to embody new opportunities for a changing society. Martin C. Jischke the President of Purdue University, who was raised during the Great Depression, wrote “The American Dream” and he believes it’s all about giving. There are many opinions, similar definitions, support and there are others which highly oppose; overall I respect any and every opinion anyone has to say. For decades hopeful settlers and immigrants dreamed of that one day they could have the American Dream in the United States. Martin C. Jischke expressed this thought after reading James Truslon Adams book entitled “Epic of America”, which inspired Martin to write “Wherever you come from in the world….you have all heard of the American Dream”. (Jischke) Immigrants have come to the United States because they believe it is the land of opportunity. It gives them the right to live as they wish. When immigrants come to America from certain countries they immediately feel they have come to a different place; where lifestyles are comfortable, many people are friendly, companies, businesses and certain jobs are more relaxed. Many nationalities’ don’t understand our cultures, don’t agree and have a hard time adapting. The American way of life allows immigrants to hold onto their old values. The United States allows different nationalities’ the freedom to practice their heritage and religious preference. They know the United States is the only country that allows people to express their freedom. Although, they may criticize some aspects of American life, few ever consider leaving and most are proud to call themselves Americans. Everyone visualizes the American Dream in a different light. It could be as simple as moving to America for religion freedom, to make one’s life better, achieve success through hard work, make fast money, a better education or attend an elite college, political gain and overall the potential to become whatever one wishes. W. Michael and Richard list various opinions in their book, “By Our Own Bootstrap” how some people get ahead:
Some of us are driven to get ahead. Some of us are just plan lazy. Some of us are willing to work hard so we can afford a life style rich in material goods. Some of us work just hard enough to provide a roof overhead, food, clothes, and a few amenities. (Cox and Alm)
Some say it’s hard to obtain the American Dream because income varies due to the economy, education, experience, location, employment, household size and lifestyles. “There’s no denying that our system allows some Americans to become much richer than others. We must accept that, even celebrate it. Opportunity, not equality of income, is what made the U.S. economy grow and prosper”. (Cox and Alm)
Despite the predictions of other countries and the economy, most Americans have extraordinary faith in themselves and eternal optimism for the future. They firmly believe there’s a bright dawn ahead. China’s beliefs for a stable country are; making their citizens live under one culture and make them abide by the one-child law per family. In the United States, there are few equals and Americans