Essay on The American Dream

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The American Dream

The topic I am writing on is about whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal. My whole perspective on this subject would be that I think it is up to the people getting married with the opposite sex, because people should do what they want to do or do what makes those people happy. But I also think that a lot of people are aware about God's rule of not having a relationship with the opposite sex, so if people want to disobey that to please iead of what is pleasing to God then that's all on them and no one really has the power to put a stop to it. My opinion though is that I still think people should be free to do what they want, we live in a free country and if two people are truly in love then who is anyone else to judge them or stop them? If they know what it is that they are doing wrong though and still being oblivious to what they should do according to God then they should try to just stay friends with that person of the opposite sex so maybe they would still be happy and doing the right thing at the same time. Everyone knows though that they can do this and I think gay marriage needs to be made legal because it's not right to just make it illegal just because people or the law thinks it is nasty or whatever. It's just like getting married with any other person that is the same sex except it's just the opposite and if the two that are in love in that relationship and also don't have any problems with it then neither should anyone else. It's just like making it illegal to marry someone who is a different race than each other, that would be ridiculous. See