The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream
“The American Dream” means that in the 1920’s. the economy of the USA was increasing very fast after WW1. Each young person in this situation had their own dreams.Because of this age their lived in, their thoughts were affected by the great economy and they tried to reach their dreams by using money and reaching the high society. It was impossible to use these to get to their dreams.
Therefore, their dreams were unattainable. “The Great Gatsby” is a novel about “The American
Dream” like this.

If people give up their courage and dreams, will their lives be easier? Daisy and Tom, for example, are rash and careless. Daisy has a pair of bright eyes, two red lips and a loving pathetic temperament. But these are just Daisy’s appearance. In fact, she is hypocritical, sternly cool and unmoved. When she bends her head into Gatsby’s shirts and began to cry stormily, I know she wished to stay with Gatsby just because of his wealth and seeking for the nes passion from him. No matter what she did to Gatsby, she never loved him. She only loved herself from start to finish.
Tom, is also a person like Daisy. He depended on his vulgar mistress to cover the void in his life.
He is also a selfish man. He allowed himself to have a mistress, but not allowed his wife to have a lover. Both of them have magnificent appearance on the outside, but are confused about their lives.
Maybe they had their own dreams to substantiate themselves in the beginning. But they sank into the money involuntarily because of the real life in the 1920’s, a roaring and showy community.
Their dreams were too weak to stand up to the competition of reality.

Gatsby never gave up his own dreams in that society full of money, fame and position. He spends five years becoming a millionaire. His goal was to aspire after Daisy again. He bought the house close to Daisy’s and attracted her attention by holding parties from morning to night. By his hard work, he met Daisy again, but Daisy betrayed him in the end. Like the novel says, “Daisy tumbled short of his dreams