The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream

What is the American dream? I believe there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on many circumstances, such as one’s personality, financial situation, geographic location in the world, etc. I could list off many different factors, but I will stick with those three points for now. I believe the notion of the ‘American Dream’ has become more relevant over the past century or so. Being able to pin point the exact date when this notion was coined would be difficult to guess of the top of my head. Starting during the wars that Americans were required to be drafted into is when I believe the notion came about. The man would go off and fight, while the woman worked at home, or wherever she could find work, and raise the kids. I’m going off a minor rant, so let me get back to what I believe the American dream really is. The American dream is a concept passed through generations that basically motivates americans and millions of others coming from immigrant countries to pursue a better life. There’s probably a cookie cutter definition where the man goes out to make a large sum of money to come back to a loving wife and kids, where they live lavishly, and have cookouts with good friends on the weekends, and their life is stress free from the outside. Along with the American dream comes a lot of work. I think people can easily over look how much work one must put into a profession if they want to achieve real success and status. It’s a day in,