The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream The American dream is a national idea and a characteristic of the United States. It includes opportunities for success and prosperity. The United States Declaration of Independence states the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." Many people construe the idea of the American dream because it has changed over time. To me, the American dream is the opportunity to achieve prosperity through the use of hard work no matter the social class or race. The American dream originated when the United States was still very young and had not spread to its full potential yet. In 1774, the Americans believed the lands that they have not discovered yet were bigger and better. The gold rush in California in 1849 brought many men looking for a fortune, and the few who found it worked the hardest and came out on top. Hard work always pays off and to me, that's what the American dream is all about. There are multiple aspects of the American dream such as college, owning a home, and having an abundance of material goods. College can be a great middle-man to reach the American dream. It will help you get a better job and a better education. Owning a home is also a sign of prosperity. It provides a status symbol and gives proof of reward through hard work. Having an abundance of goods also shows a status symbol. It is an outer way of showing the American dream and how it can affect your life. The American dream helps provide a goal to reach. Many