Essay On The American Dream

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The American Dream is a dream that is slipping further and further away as each generation goes by. The main reason of the disappearing American Dream is economic inequalities. As it goes without saying that the middle class what keep this country functioning, but their jobs are being threaten by innovations of technologies and foreigners. Life was supposed to be easier due to advancing technology, but the opposite occurred for the worst. Technologies replace the jobs that used to require human’s maintenance. Foreigners in the U.S are willing to work for small incomes, so business owners were more willing to pay foreigners for cheap labor than the American citizens, which cause more unemployment. The ethnic groups affects whether or not people believe in the American Dream. Recent survey was taken to see which ethnic groups believed more in the American Dream. It stated that nonwhites believe the American Dream more than whites do, because of white people’s sense of entitlement. Outsourcing is also another problem because business would rather pay foreigner in different country for cheap labor which cause more unemployment in the U.S here. For example, phone company invest their companies in India, because in India the people are willing to work for cheap incomes. As it says in the books,"Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty." The people of America are always in constant competition to stop and help each