The American Dream Essay

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Alan Ramirez
Mr. Schuett
English I Honors
7 October 2014
The American Dream: Pursuing Happiness
James Truslow Adams described the American Dream as "life should be better and richer
and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement," (Adams)
regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. Many people come to America to live the
“American Dream.” The American Dream is the idea that living in the United States will give
people a better lifestyle, it’s an idea in which freedom includes the opportunity for happiness and
succeeding through hard work. The American Dream is something that people choose to pursue
and is most often the reason people migrate to the US. I believe the American Dream is made up
of three main factors; freedom, equality, and opportunities. Freedom is part of what makes up the
American Dream, being able to do what you want. Another thing that attributes to the American
Dream is equality and wanting to be treated equally. Lastly, opportunities; people want to be able
to study or have a good job and be paid more. This is why I believe the American Dream is a
type of successful, American lifestyle that many people want to achieve.
Freedom is one of the reasons people come to pursue the American Dream. Freedom of
speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of press. Freedom of speech is the right to express any
opinions without restriction, for example being able to protest to government related events.
Freedom of religion is the right to practice whatever religion one chooses. Lastly, freedom of
press, which is the right to publish newspapers, magazines, or other printed material without

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government restriction. In many countries, these types of freedom aren’t allowed and that’s why
people come to live the American Dream to be able to say and publish what they want or practice
whatever religion they want. For example, in Saudi Arabia freedom of religion is restricted,
“Since the establishment of the Saudi state, the House of Saud has promoted Wahhabism as the
only official religion… Both blasphemy and apostasy are punishable by death” (“Religious
Freedom in Saudi Arabia”). This is showing how Saudi Arabia has strictly chosen Wahhabism to
be their specific religion and anyone who doesn’t follow will have consequences. Another
example is in an article by
The Independent
, it says, “The court in the Sudanese capital of
Khartoum also ordered that Ms. Ibrahim be given 100 lashes for committing zena — meaning
illegitimate sex in Arabic — for having sexual relations with a non­Muslim man. Mr. Wani said
he has been charged with adultery because the Sudanese courts do not recognise their Christian
marriage” (Saul). And this shows how the Saudi Arabian government has taken extreme
measures that limit everyone’s freedom. There are many other examples like these that take
place in other countries limiting freedom, and that’s part of why people come to live the
American Dream.
No one wants to be treated differently in the world, and the American Dream consists of
equality between others. By equality I mean equality in rights and opportunities regarding
gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, among other things. Equality is a big problem in many
foreign countries. It has always been one of the main conflict and discussions around the world.
People don’t want to be treated any differently from others. In India, even before girls reach their
teenage years they face challenges, for example how many more girls than boys die before
reaching the age of five. Domestic violence and gender discrimination are mostly seen in India’s

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northern states. Women and girls in Uttar Pradesh, in particular, suffer physical abuse at rates of
18­45 percent, non­consensual sex at rates of 18­40 percent, and physically forced sex at rates of
4­7 percent (Sahni). These are terrifying statistics. While the…