Essay on The Animals and New Products

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April 4, 2012

The Courier Journal
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Dear Editor:

If you have any type of animal and you knew that they had been tested on for your own good and they got hurt or died from it, how bad would you feel? When you see those commercials about animals that have been hurt or abused and you feel terrible for them and want to do all you can to help them, that is how you should feel about animal testing. When I was a little girl everyone always asked me what my favorite thing was. I told them, every time, it was and always will be animals. When I finally got my first dog, I was in love with her and I never wanted anything to happen to her. We took her to get her shots one day, and I was so scared that the shots would hurt her so I yelled at the vet to not to do it and my mom had to take me out of the room. If this scared me, I know for sure I couldn’t just sit around and know animals were being tested for our health and stuff to make us look cuter or something. That’s too much for me and I want to put a stop to it.

There are a lot of people that think animal testing should be illegal. If you love animals and you agree with that, then help us to try and stop all the terrible, cruel things that scientist do to these poor animals. We should put a stop to this and take a stand against it. If humans were being tested on, we all know that we would want like it. That is how the animals feel. Some people out there treat animals like family, so think like they do and help to stop all this craziness that they have to go through.

If people cannot live without having new products and new things for their hair and etc., then animals may always be tested on. If people don’t stop buying brand new products, then companies will keep making more and continue these tests. If people stop buying…