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The awakening By:Veronica Rodriguez

You've probably heard the many translations this word has to offer. Though there is no doubt it can simply be crafted into two expressions, "man hater" or "independence". Feminism is by fact described as the advocacy of womens rights in which they are treated equal to men. After further understanding this belief, I find that in no knowledgeableway is it righetous to pronounce that all women are content in the field of work they are are exposed and expected to be doing. Which is exactly what Kate Chopin affirms in her novel, "The Awakening".

As portrayed in the novel, Chopin uses characthers to display the social actions of what was acceptable to society during "edna", the main characthers life time. She does this by describing typical family work duties for a mother and father such as Ratignolles. As Chopin states "The Ratignolles understood each other perfectly"(106) and "were widely known"(105). This already clarifies that the way that Ratignolle family was, is what they were cherished and appreciated for. Madame Ratignolle being described as a good mother takes pride in her house hold work. She enjoys taking care of her husband and children and she prevailed every "womanly grace and charm"(Chopin 51). Edna Pontiller was in no way considered a "mother woman"(Chopin 51).

Edna Pontiller was a woman who chose to embrace her deep desires. She did what she felt would make her happy rather than upholding a title into pleasing her family becuase it was what society insisted on her being. Her husband Leonce had ideal standards for a wifes position. He felt that watching after the children, cooking, and keeping up with apperance were qualities that Edna needed to be poccess. Chopin mentions, "It would have been a difficult matter for Mr.Pontiller to define his own satisfaction