The Best foods to cut weight Essay

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Not many people can say they truly enjoy cutting weight. You are forced to eat foods you dont like, you cannot eat when you want to and you have to overcome the pressures of your peers encouraging you to break your diet. So what is the way around this? Well...unfortunately you cannot eliminate this completely there are some trade secrets i can share with you that might make your journey to your ideal body a little more bearable.

There are three things you must do to lose weight correctly and speedily. The first one is obvious - you must do cardio. Now this is a given and I will talk about this more in a second, but most people stop there. That is there first mistake. In order to successfully lose weight you must also have a balanced diet and lift weights. Lets take an extreme scenario, you go for run but for dinner you have a McDonalds. Now in this example its obvious but even if you go home and snack on jam on toast, or a bag of crisps can drastically hold you back when dieting. It is so important to diet along side cardio as a balanced healthy diet provide the perfect foundations for cardio to burn calories. So where does lifting weights come into all of this? well lifting weights is essential to maintain your body after you have finished dieting. Lifting weights tears muscle fibres which need regrowing - this process uses up calories. Furthermore larger muscles require more calories to function on day to day tasks. Helping you to maintain the perfect body.

So there is the basic formula. Do cardio, eat healthily and lift weights. Now lets dive into each of 3 areas and look more closely and what each one does. First cardio. This is the biggest building block for burning fat and reducing a jean size or 2. So most people decide to go on jog, this is possible the worst form of cardio. Why? Well thats because in order to burn “fats” you need to be working really hard. Scientists have suggested that your heart rate is the best indicator for this. Your heart rate must be 80% of its maximum rate. So work out your max heart rate - and find 80% of it. If your heart rate is not this high during exercise then you are not burning “fat calories”. I can