The Blindside Essay

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The Blindside, directed by John Lee Hancock is based on the true story of Michael Oher, a young African-American footballer who succeeded against the odds. This shows us how rich people can help the poor people and make a difference in their life. The main message that Hancock was trying to portray is that if the rich people look at the “blind side”- parts of society they choose to ignore or judge and take action and actually make a difference. We can see this through the character of Michael Oher who had the courage to come out of the projects and make a difference with is life. Through the help of a rich woman Leigh Anne who learns how much to give and how much to let Michael dictate his life choices. Through the character of Michael we get a feeling that though courage and the determination to pass hard obstacles and strive for a better life and succeed. The contrast character of David clearly shows the audience what happens when there is no ‘rescue’ or desire for it. We see the theme of the blind side and the ability to have courage through the visual and verbal techniques like dialogue and camera work.
The director John Lee Hancock uses the technique of a reverse shot of Michael coming out of the projects and coming into the light. We as the audience see Michael scruffy and dirty. We get a sense that he isn’t looked after and that he is poor with a dark background. The blurry background reveals that Michael is an outsider and that he doesn’t belong in the projects.