The Causes Of Conflict In Chicago, And World Peace

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Five factions
This story happened in Chicago, and the leading lady is Beatrice. Many years ago, people thought there was lots of factors lead to war. Such as selfishness, duplicity, ignorance, aggression and cowardice. So they separated five factions to keep world peace. The five factions are Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity and Dauntless. They are responsible for their own part to eliminate the evil.
The first faction is Abnegation. They blamed selfishness. In their opinion, selfishness leads to evil. They hope every people in the world is not selfish, try his best to help others people and share good things to others. Do not do something harmful. The world will be peace. A good example of this is world war. Why the wars always happen between countries and countries? Because of they want to get the area to become the biggest country, or get money to become the richest country. They are selfish. People’s safe is more important. If they can understand it, wars would not happen any more. In addition, Abnegation provides selfless leaders to government.
The second faction is Candor. They blamed duplicity. In their opinion, duplicity leads to evil. For example, if you are lie to me, you lost my trust. It leads to bad relationship. Sometimes it will lead to fight. So be honest to everyone. Candor provides trustworthy and sound leaders in law to government.
The third faction is Erudite. They blamed ignorance. In their opinion, naïve leads to evil. The people who get a good education will have good manners. And knowledge can accelerate the progress of the world and make people survive. Thus, Erudite provides intelligent teachers and researchers to government.
The fourth faction is Amity. They blamed aggression. In their opinion, unfriendly leads to