The Effects Of The Watergate Scandal

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During the 1970’s, Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States of America, committed one of the most infamous scandals in American History. In searching for a way to be reelected as president, Nixon, his aides, and other individuals assisting his cause, participated in the undermining of other presidential candidate’s reputation, the recording of confidential phone calls without the consent of the other individual, the abduction of property from another presidential candidate, and the cover-up of the scandal that included all of the misdemeanors mentioned before. These resulted in what we know today as the Watergate Scandal, one of the most disgraceful scandals which brought shame to the office of the presidency and the suffix …show more content…
Like mentioned before, people like Liddy wanted to get Nixon re-elected, but I think there plans went too overboard. Creating these schemes, and Nixon approving them was not the smartest choice. Nixon should’ve known that what he was doing was wrong, and if word got out, he would be in big trouble. Many people were affected by the Watergate Scandal. First of all, the U.S. after the Watergate Scandal was in torment. Many people could not believe what had happened, and were shocked and afraid of what would come next. Second, the people who were involved faced many felonies. Almost all of the people who were involved were put in prison for a long period of time, and some of the most major felonies had people put in jail for 40 years. Finally, Nixon costed himself a presidency, and earned himself a bad reputation for what he did.
One of the main effects of the Watergate Scandal that is still around today is the weakening of the credibility of the president and the government. Ever since the Watergate Scandal, many people have loss lots of trust for the government and it really shows. Just recently, many people believe that the election was rigged or that the votes were unfairly counted. Before the Watergate Scandal, there was no doubt in the government, and the election being rigged was not even a possibility. The president’s role and credibility has not recovered from this incident and it doesn’t look like it ever