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The End by Charles Olaleye

It was January 1st 2015 when millions of people were shocked to hear about the death of Harry Styles. Police found him dead in the kitchen of his house. There was no murder weapon found on the scene of the death. When other members of One Direction were asked about the death of their former friend. They said they knew nothing of what could have happened to him. They said “he seemed like totally fine” What they did know was that he said he had to meet someone in a cemetery 10 minutes before he died. No one knows if that could have been the reason of his death. One month later police think they have a lead on the semi-recent shocking death of Harry Styles. A knife was found next to the dead body of Harry Styles. His body for some reason was found next to a tombstone that said Niall Horan on it. A little weird? The knife had no fingerprints on it and the body had no blood on it and looked completely fine. Then what could have caused this mysterious death?
The grave under the tombstone that said Niall Horan on it was dug up by investigators and another clue was found. A hammer was inside the grave with a dent on it and the initials Z.M which could have stood for Zayn Malik. No one knows why that would be. Two months after the death of Harry Styles investigators have another lead on the investigation. Behind the tombstone that had the name Niall Horan on it was a gun that had the name Liam Payne on it ironically. Investigators asked Liam if this was his gun and he said no. Whose gun could it be? We don’t know. Three months after this death a car was parked next to the grave with the hammer inside it. The car had a note on the window. The note said this is a clue to the death of Harry Styles. But ironically that was all that was on the note. So really it wasn’t actually a clue. But on the back side of the note was a name. The name was Louis Tomlinson. Police showed Louis the note; he said he had never seen it before. Weird? I think so. It has now been four months since Harry Styles died. And Police still don’t know what happened. But then a box arrived in front of that tombstone again. The box had a note inside. The note says If you want to know what happened to him go to 444 Styles Ave. The police tried going to that street, but it doesn’t exit, well at least in that state. The next day a mailbox was in front of the tombstone. The mailbox actually had mail in it. On the front of that one piece of mail said to 444 Styles Ave, and that address was also on the mailbox. How? Now five months since his death and still nothing about what happened. Until Taylor Swift would come out publicly and say she knows how Harry Styles died. Interviewers from all over the country came to Tennessee came to see what Taylor had to say. But right as she was about to speak she was snatched away by four people in black jumpsuits. Could it be the other members of One Direction? When police chased down the people in the jumpsuits they found out it was just four members of The Wanted. Those people were arrested and charged with kidnapping. When asked why they did this they said no one can know about how Harry Styles