Essay The Hassle of Being Unemployed

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Jessica Martin 9/20/12
Essay Outline
Introductory Paragraph
Mary has been a smart girl since she was a child. She passed with straight A’s in middle school, achieved honor roll throughout high school, and continued to study further on at a great college. Mary worked hard to accomplish a bright future, but in today’s world, Mary has come to realize that getting a job isn’t easy. After graduating college, Mary is now stuck looking for any job available for her. Even though Mary has a fantastic academic background, she knows jobs are scarce. Unemployment has become a very major social issue in the United States, especially to people like Mary, who deserve a well-paying job. The unemployment rate in the United States has gone from 7.8% in June, to 8.1% in August. Unemployment causes one to lose their health insurance, change their lifestyle, and make a person give up hope on reaching a job.
1st Topic Sentence
Being jobless is a very inconvenient way to live. If one does not have a job, there is no source of employer or employment to pay for health insurance. Therefore, the unemployed must buy their own health insurance. a. Health insurance is extremely expensive to pay for out of someone’s own wallet. Indeed, this is even more inconvenient because the person who is unemployed does not have a steady income to carry on paying for insurance. b. Without health insurance, the people are putting their own lives at risk of being uncovered if something tragic happens to them. c. If a person struggles in keeping up with paying for insurance, the company may see them as untrustworthy and stop covering them with their insurance. In conclusion, it is very hard to pay for your own health insurance.
2nd Topic Sentence
Being unemployed while not having an income can affect every minor detail of someone’s life. Following that, a person would not have enough money to pay for their current lifestyle that one is used to. a. Lacking money can cause a person to have to do without or wait for necessities. Undoubtedly, going from a higher class lifestyle to a lower class lifestyle is very hard to become accustomed to. b. Saving money would become more difficult due to the fact that any money an unemployed person received would need it to pay for bills or something else important. c. With a limit on