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Chapter 5 – Page 66

When Constantine talks to Skeeter about her dad, Skeeter finds it surprising that her father is white. Most people would judge Constantine for having a white father but Skeeter considered it a gift that she knew something she wasn’t supposed to.

Chapter 6 – Page 85
When Aibileen was telling Skeeter about her son, Skeeter mentions that she didn’t think of Aibileen as a reader. This may have been because black people weren’t as educated and she may have thought that she wasn’t capable.

Chapter 6 – Page 86
Skeeter found out about Constantines daughter being taken away due to the fact the baby was pale. Constantine felt compelled to send the baby up north because a white baby living with a black mother wouldn’t have been socially excepted.

Chapter 7 – Page 94
Aibileen was trying to potty train Mae Mobley but she needed someone to show Mae what to do. As Miss Leefolt refused, Aibileen stepped in. She showed Mae Mobley using her own toilet in the garage. Later when Miss Leefolt came home, Mae ran to the black toilet to show her mum. Miss Leefolt shouts at Mae telling her that she could catch diseases from using a black persons toilet.

Chapter 7 – Page 99
On the day of Aibileens sons death, Aibileen wasn’t feeling too well. She lies to Miss Leefolt telling her that she vomited knowing she would send her home. She says ‘Cause beside her own mother, there ain’t nothing Miss Leefolt scared of more than Negro diseases’

Chapter 7 – Page 101
Aibileen discovers that Robert got beat up and blinded for accidentally using a whites bathroom. She doesn’t understand why good things are happening to bad people. It was more of an excuse for the two white men to beat up a black man.

Chapter 7 – Page 203
Skeeter asks Ailileen if she would be willing to be interviewed for her book. Aibileen is astounded by this idea. She says ‘I do this with you, I might as well burn my own house down’. The idea baffles her and she knows it would be like practically committing suicide. She’s very conscious of the consequences that might affect her if she agrees.

Chapter 8 – Page 108
Skeeter attempts to ask Aibileen to help her with the book, but this time offers her money saying it was from the articles. Aibileen, understanding the fact that it is a bribe, quickly tells her to get rid of it, as she knows Miss Leefolt would become very angry if she found out. Again, she is thinking about the penalty of her actions.

Chapter 9 – Page 122
Aibileen finally agrees to help Skeeter but is very aware of what will happen if someone finds out and so she asks that her name, along with everyone else, is changed. She also explains that Skeeter will have to come to her house as she wouldn’t be able to do it in a white neighbourhood.

‘Miss Celia gets up and comes over to the sink where I’m standing. She grabs hold of my arm. “I’m sorry I hollered at you like I did” Tears brim up in her eyes when she says it.
“I was sick and I know that’s no excuse, but I was feeling real poor and…” She starts sobbing then, like the worst thing she’s ever done in her life is yell at her maid.’ (Page 134)
This small passage that is taken from the book highlights how Miss Celia is unprejudiced almost innocent in that she does not treat the hired help as below her.. Miss Celia never leaves her house and is almost an outcast in society. She has not been influenced by the highly racist and prejudiced society of Jackson Mississipi. She knows no different than to treat Minny almost as an equal. Without being influenced by the other women she doesn’t know the norms and what is an acceptable way in their society to treat the hired help.

‘I wrinkle my face as mean as I can and pull my lips across my teeth and yell: “You and your axe better get out of my way”’

Minny is worried that Mister Johnny is going to be like a stereotypical white man, that when he finds out that a