The History Of Futurist Movement

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In the early twentieth century, Futurism marked down a fairly unusual declaration to all aspects of literacy and artistic perspectives. The futurists brought out their adventurous ideas of rebelling against traditional artistic values and creating a new world engaged with the power of technology within several manifestos.1 It was delivered as a new modern art movement which went impulsively beyond the current modernism.
This essay will explore the contact of Futurist movement to contemporary life, emphasizing on music aspect. It will examine the dynamic impact of music created by the musician Skrillex as his music is regarded as Brostep, the sub category of Dubstep music genre. The futurists embraced technology, violence and speed as the basics of their arts. Skillex’s music fits all the criteria in the manifesto of Futurism. Besides not breaking off relation to other music genre in the past, Brostep was innovated differently and pushing the boundaries of music aggressively.
It is a common-sense for the public to address Skrillex’s music to Dubstep, the recent gone mainstream electronic music genre. It is also a general conception for relating the genre as the sound comes from future. Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny Moore, is one of significant names in the American Dubstep music industry. He was indicated as the owner of style that is “a bombardment of thumps, crashes and sonic squiggles, like a futuristic instrument picking up bits of alien dance music.”2 His music is generated by computers, and manipulated aggressively to the point it sounded completely like machine’s sound. It is in contact with group of bass sounds: “thundering, belching, wobbling, threatening, explosive, genre-agnostic, omnipresent bass.” 3 The whole process of creating the music is dynamic, from creating the mechanical sounds, dropping the beat high and low, to speed and multiply the tune. It is a creation of art and action, as in creating moving noises. Music is an art of sound, and Brostep is an abstract type of music.
In comparison, back in the Futurist time, music was made to sound like machine. Futurism was a strong ideology fascinating many artists from diverse fields to react and follow the movement.4 Among of them, Luigi Russolo, originally a futurist painter, approached the movement as a revolutionary composer. He invented a range of noise machine instruments called intonarumori to reproduce the six categories of noises mentioned in his manifesto and following by music pieces composed by him.5 To him, all sounds are musical, including noises as how he can associate its wide variety.6 He created and modified the sound pitch by scoring it manually from movement and speed by handling the controllers. Russolo seek for the infinity came from combination of variety of noise sounds, and from the different sound tones, not just simply imitate the noises.7 He expressed: “Now we are satiated and we find far more enjoyment in the combination of noises of trams, backfiring motors, carriages and bawling crowds than in rehearsing, for example, the ‘eroica’ or the ‘pastoral.’…we enjoy creating mental orchesrations… of din, from strations, railways, iron foundries, spinning wheels, printing works, electric power stations and underground railways. Nor should the newest noises of modern war be forgotten.”8 Regards to Russolo, the strange and loud sound of noises originated in the everyday environment carried out pleasure to the ears and better than the pure, static and harmonized sound of classical music limited by quality and quantity restrictions during the twentieth century time.9 It was noises in motion that Russolo devoted to collect, experience and fantasize toward the future.
The music as the result of challenging the traditional music got rejected mostly by the community and critics. Russolo brought out his art of noises by travelling around to perform his works and ended in chaotic.10 Brostep music appears to offend the original Dubstep and