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The Hobbit Evaluation

Have you ever wanted to go on a glorious adventure, filled with many twists and turns? Have you ever wanted to escape from this world to a greater place, one with a sense of significance? Well, this adventure is more possible than you’d think. The Hobbit or also known as There and Back Again is a literary masterpiece. Tolkien’s excessive descriptive skills open your eyes to every minute detail of the world of Middle-Earth. His amazing story of Bilbo Baggins and his journey to The Lonely Mountain is one of the most loved heroic stories of this century, and missing out on it isn’t acceptable. Lastly he has an ability to write in a manner that all generations can apply lessons to their life. His symbolism puts a depth underneath the words that is, all by itself intriguing. The Hobbit is the most purchased book below The Bible, this century. You’re either swallowed by the story completely, or not at all; there is no happy medium. If you genuinely just love to read, then The Hobbit is a must read.
First is Tolkien’s descriptive narrating throughout the novel. It’s an incredible feature of his writing. He pulls you in with the crystal clear picture he paints in your mind. Tolkien’s writing in The Hobbit doesn’t even match that of Lord of the Rings when talking about this aspect, but even then, The Hobbit holds it own. One man in particular is famous for exploiting this part of Tolkien’s writing as weakest point. “Today, building a case against Tolkien and Middle-earth takes more than a loose reading of Lord of the Rings, concluding that it can not be taken seriously. It means addressing the scholarly foundation of Tolkien's works, for example his essays’ writings of detail…” said Edmund Wilson a critic of British literature. Some have come to agree with this point, but defending against this weak criticism is easy. This style of literature isn’t for the everyday reader; it takes a lot of dedication to the series and a desire that keeps you going, to understand every detail of the situations Bilbo faces on throughout his journey. This is accepted as one of his greatest defining qualities Tolkien brought to readers. One of Tolkien’s very respected friends, C.S Lewis, said “Even now I have left out almost everything--the sylvan leafiness, the passions, the high virtues, the remote horizons. Even if I had space I could hardly convey them.” The writings of Tolkien are jewels to the literary world; his creations of Middle-Earth are an adventure that all must at least attempt to read.
Another strength of Tolkien is the great story. The Journey fits the typical stereotype of the Hero Quest. The further into Middle Earth he travels, the difficulty, and risk; of the challenges Bilbo faces increase. He begins with an attempt to pickpocket a group of Trolls and soon discovers the courage and strength to confront the great dragon Smaug, all alone, deep in Smaug’s lair. Of course, Bilbo’s journey has been guided by Gandalf, aided by the Dwarves, the Elves of Rivendell, the Eagles and a fateful encounter near the dark roots of the Misty Mountains. But the story clearly illustrates that none of this assistance would have matter had it not been for something within Bilbo himself, a tiny seed of adventure, and the choices he makes on his quest. This might be the most essential thing to an amazing story plot and to a Heroic Quest novel, is the discovery of finding one’s true self. And nothing can replace the sense of epiphany you discover when that happens. “It (The Hobbit) has become the inspiration and template for the modern fantasy genre…The Hobbit is the epitome of adventure stories, hero quests and fantasy. Tolkien proves himself to be a master storyteller.” said by Samuel Walters a book review expert.
Last is Tolkien’s greatest aspect of his writing; his symbolism. Its everywhere in The Hobbit. Tolkien is constantly writing more than just the words