The Hunger Game Analysis

Words: 1943
Pages: 8

Throughout The Hunger Games many different ideology’s can be examined. All ideologies are centered on the idea of power. Power is a very prominent aspect of The Hunger Games. Panem is the holder of power. But within Panem, who holds the power? Is it Snow or is it the willingness of the citizens to subject them-selves to the capital? Although each district holds a different relationship with the capital, each district is solely committed to the capital and making the people of the capitol happy. Which is why each district must submit a male and female for the annual hunger games without protesting, they are forced to give away a child, sibling, and family member to watch them die on television. This ‘game’ is a terrible form of entertainment that President Snow makes clear is not going away anytime soon. Since President Snow is forcing his residents to participate in this game he is forcing the power pedagogy upon the citizens of each district. Along with the power pedagogy he is forcing each district to hate one …show more content…
Within the hunger games the game makers are able to control what happens in the arena. Upon arrival into the arena, each participant has a tracker device placed into his or her arm (Collins, p.188). This is designed for the game makers, to be able to track where they’re at during the games. The game makers are able to watch them and control what happens, for example the game makers create a huge forest fire “Things have been too quiet today. No deaths, perhaps no fights” (Collins, p.226). They create this so that way Katniss will move quickly out of the tree and be pushed into a different area within the arena. The game makers are able to use Michael Foucault’s perception of power, pedagogy to their advantage when the participants are in the arena. They use this as a type of control system, constantly knowing where each tribute is and who they’re