The Impact of Social Media on Human Resources Essay

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It is no longer uncommon for one to start their day off by checking their Facebook newsfeed or updating their status on Twitter. With that mentioned, it is without doubt that social media has turned into a part and parcel of our everyday life; making a huge impact on most of us. In a recent statistic report, it is stated by Daniells (2012) that on the average, there are 3.5 billion pieces of information being shared on popular social media Facebook every single month (para. 3). It demonstrates how frequently used are social media and how powerful social media is as a tool. In addition to affecting individuals, a recent research stated that among the fortune 500 companies, it is indicated that 58% have active corporate Facebook account and …show more content…
It is understandable that it is close to impossible for all the staff in the various departments to mingle with staff from other departments in such large corporations or organizations. Thus with the usage of social media, companies are able to mitigate such issues that arises in the company. By using social media as a communication tool, employees are able to better understand and connect with people outside of their department and even socialize with all other employees in the same company that they rarely get to see or mingle with. Based on the information and profile page, employees are able to gain more information on various co- workers. A good illustration would be that employees can now get to know co-workers with similar hobbies and form groups on their own to allow better networking even after work. This foster unity and closer bonding in companies that is difficult to achieve from other platforms. With better bonding in companies, it is no doubt that it will boost productivity and overall morale in the company. Companies that branch out to overseas can too improve communications by using social media to make up for the cultural differences and lack of communications due the international status of companies. This communication tool is not only useful for large companies; it can be utilized on small and medium enterprises as well. For example, in a