Impact Of Information Technology On Logistics Management

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“Technology has been at the center of changes taking place that affect the supply chain.” Discuss the impact of the Internet or Information Technology on Logistics Management.”

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Answer of the question “Would you recommend the use of IT in your work area? Reference 6

Executive Summary
Information technology (IT) is now become a factor which embedded to our life. Some people may dislike it or unable to manage it, but just can’t run away from it. Every electronic product we are using, every information we are receiving, more or less is related to IT.
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The warehouse of Pfizer Nutrition manufacturing plant in Singapore, have more then 11000 bin locations. Average pallet movement in one day can easily hit 1000. Warehouse personnel are using JD Edwards to manage daily operation, this include all the picking and put away activities, work order process and export of product.
The entire finish products are kept in 3rd party warehouse. EDI is used for daily data communication between Pfizer Nutrition warehouse and 3rd party warehouse. Although EDI can helps to reduce human error and ensure data accuracy, but there are some problem arise such like: * Un skill user or system abuse * EDI server down * Data discrepancy
Such problems are slowing down the warehouse operation; the personnel needed to perform a check and correct the problem, and need to wait for the global IT support team to reboot the server if needed.

Today, Information Technology is like O2, it is invisible but can’t live without it.

Would I recommend the use of IT in my work area?
The warehouse I am working in had setup JDE system long time ago. Without system, the warehouse operation will hang. Although some activities can perform manually, but it will need a lot of effort, and human error is unpreventable.
The system helps warehouse operation run smoothly, this save a lot of time and reduce human error to the lowest rate. Definitely, I recommend the use of IT in my work area. If the management willing to invest, I would