The Importance Of Culture In India

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Mr. Darren Carter
Year 7 English
16 February 2017
Global awareness and cultural study are important as those things will allow us to see things from different perspectives and help us to prepare for life in the 21st century. There are some ways to do so, for example by traveling, doing research, or talking to people that have different cultural background. However, in order to develop a thorough understanding of cultural diversity, one needs to do research online or through books.
In order to offer detailed information about India, I have organized my paper into five main sections. In the first section, I discuss the culture in India while the second and the third section will focus on the religion and the language in India.
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However, most of the time people can’t afford their medical bills. Furthermore, a lot of people can’t pay for the healthy food and clean water. Thus, people have a lot of diseases. In India, some of them still use traditional medicines to cure their disease. The mortality rate due to coronary artery disease has reached up to 14% based on data of 1960 and 2003. It is projected that by 2015, the mortality rate due to cardiac ailments will have increased by 100 percent in India. (Roy)

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